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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Samantha's Area Orchestra Concert

Samantha is on her 2nd year playing the Violin. Here are a couple of photos at their area concert at the high school

Mormal 2010

Here are some photos of Melanie and friends at the pre-dance festivities. The Dance was held at Soka University and the theme was "Old Hollywood" This year there were many more long dresses and alot more glam !

March 2010 Brian volunteers at Mitt Romney's No Apology Book Tour

Since I do not put up my blogs in a timely manner I should have always put the date in the title. Sorry.

So, Brian had wanted to go to get Mitt Romney to sign his book but we had so much going on that day that we just decided it couldn't be fit in. Then we received a call from a friend, Rob Thiriot, who was asked by another friend, Reggie Woods, to volunteer or find a volunteer to help work the No Apology book tour in Costa Mesa. So Brian was called and was able to go be part of the event and again meet Mitt Romney !

Brian attends California Public Policy Conference Hosted by the Claremont Institute

Left to Right - Marissa, Brian, Annaliese, Marissa's Uncle, Mitt Romney

Charles, Marissa, Brian, Annaliese

Brian and a few members of the Orange County Teenage Republicans attended Clairmont Institutes, California Public Policy Conference in December 2009.
There were many great speakers including Bill Bennett, Thomas Fuentes, and best of all, Mitt Romney !!! He called the Teenage Republicans over to meet him personally and referred to them in his address later that day ! Here are some pictures !

DiGiorno Houseparty

We had a DiGiorno houseparty on March 19th. They have a new delicious combo of Pizza, Breadsticks and Marinara. Be sure to try it. It is as good as delivery !

Gourmet Club

In my Mardi Gras blog I gave the blog address for our Gourmet Club. Here is a picture just to peak your interest. We take turns preparing a 7 course formal dining experience for the rest of the club.

Catching Up !

When i was filling out an application for a houseparty I realized that I have been on facebook so much I have neglected our blog and so I am catching up now !

I still have to post -

Girls Camp
Camping with friends and family
Nancy's Wedding
Brian turns 16
Northern Greens visit
Southern Greens

I better get to work !